Monday, January 10, 2011

Mad Skilz

Once upon a time, on the eve of Christmas a girl wanted to open a particularly large box. It was wrapped in fuzzy (legit) wrapping paper with a golden bow tied neatly around it. The box sat propped up against the wall near the Christmas tree. The girl waited all morning, all afternoon, for dinner and pictures to be eaten and taken, and through the evening church service.
Finally, it was almost midnight and all of the family was all together. The girl's parents handed out all their presents, and the children handed out their special family presents to the people they were intended for. One, by one the presents were open. Books, movies, video games, soft pants, lotion, a stuffed pig, a machete umbrella, and other things were opened.
After minutes of unwrapping, one present remained. The big box in all of it's red and gold glory sat, waiting to be opened. "It is time." Thought the girl. She placed the box carefully on her lap, she untied the ribbon, and tore the paper from it's place. The girl sat in aw. What a most glorious gift, one that she had wanted, one that would be used to put the world at peace with itself and at peace with all of the universe. One gift of pure amazement and awesomeness, that it was hard to even stand to look at it.
She opened the box and pulled out the material inside. Everyone watched the girl as her happiness beaming from her face. Although everything seemed to be right in the world, something was wrong. No batteries. The girl ran up the stairs jumped hurdles and through hoops of blazing fire. She opened the closet door of the computer room and opened the drawer of the batteries. As quickly as her fingers could possibly grab something, she grabbed four batteries and ran back downstairs.
Lighting fast, she plugged the batteries into the device and turned it on. Words flashed on the screen and she knew that her world would be a happier place now that she had this gift, the gift of music. She turned up the volume and she played a chord, a single chord that blew the mind of the world.


In case you were wondering, that me. And the device, the beloved Christmas a keyboard. I say this story (although the jumping through blazing hoops part was just thrown in because I can, and the blown mind of the world, and all that peace stuff.) because I love my keyboard. I'm not very good, trust me, but I do know how to play:

1. Mario theme song
2. Veggie tales theme song
3. Rugrats theme song
4. The Office theme song and
5. Yellow Submarine by the Beatles (with both hands now thank you very much!)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Okay to start off, think of an average teenager. Does this average teenager want to go to school. Heck no. This used to be me I swear! Now I'm sitting, doing nothing, wanting to be at school? Wait, hold on! I ask myself. When did this come about? Why this sudden change of heart? I have no idea, really. One day I would hate school, homework, drama, etc, etc. Yes, It is Sunday and I've been home alone all day. I have nothing better to do than go on facebook approximately 30 times, do small chunks of homework, and watch Singing in the Rain all day. Okay, I did go to church and CFCF (Traditional Christmas program at said church), but other than that in the 14 hours to my self I wanted to be at school.

School is work. Lots of thinking, and figuring out things, but what I believe the reason to my issue is people. I love people right now. I have a lot of friends and they just make me laugh all the time. Oh right, when I said I love people, there are, of course, a few exceptions. If you go to my school then you probably know of the people I'm thinking of. Yes, those people drive me insane, but does that make me not want to go to school? No, I still want to go to school.

I wake up, get ready and go to school just before the first bell rings. Then I wait for friends. They make me laugh. We go up to first hour. They make me laugh. I read some, then they make me laugh. I go to second hour and they (this time it is a different group of people, except Alycia, now called Agent Shaw, she is in almost all of my classes.) make me laugh. Third hour, P.E. we do almost nothing and I end up laughing. Fourth hour, fifth, sixth, and seventh hour (when Agent Shaw and I make fun of our Algebra teacher) usually go the same way. Laughing and other variations of the word such as laugh, or laughed is the key word(s) here.

Laughing is basically the whole of my existence. I am commonly know for making people laugh. I suppose a "class clown" type, but not really that either. I don't really know what you would call me. Anyway, laughing is a great...what's the word...activity possibly. Laughing is a great activity. It is happy, contagious, and it helps give you abs. If you have ever done a bunch of crunches or been at my lunch table you know the pain in your stomach of which I speak.

I think that is all that I have on the subject.
"Goodnight, sleep well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning." ~The Dread Pirate Roberts.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Beams and the Path of the Dragon

I walked home from school today (actually, I mostly skipped and jumped) and boy was it snowing! I felt like a child, (approximately 72% of me is child. Did you know that 83% of statistics are made up?) I laughed and sang all the way home. I love snow, whether it is playing in it or just watching in fall on the ground. It is so beautiful that frozen water takes that shape when falling to Earth. I suppose there is some sort of science behind it, but wouldn't you think that it would fall as ice chunks or something? I just don't know! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that means that Christmas is soon approaching. I love Christmas, It is a wonderful time of year.

My brother is home, which is good in many of ways. First, now I know why there are Pirate napkins in his bedroom. Second, we share the same strangeness. Third, he brought home Rockband with a keyboard.

Whoa! I just remember something funny. Today, in choir, we were all singing like most people do in choir class and.... Thank you UPS guy for ruining my concentration!... Anyway, Sarah, the girl who stands by me, nudged me and I fell right over! It was so embarrassing, yet so funny we just couldn't keep singing. Sorry Mr. Mick for making your class more difficult than it should be.

I was currently in a play, and now it is over and I have a sense of emptiness. I guess I'm just going to have to deal with it, for being an actor brings pains and sorrows to ones life. "Take pains, (whispered: Take pains.) be perfect, (whispered, this time directly at the audience: Perfect.) adieu. (whispered: Adieu.) Exit up-left stage"

My current question: The path of the Unicorn, or the path of the Dragon?
My current answer: The path of the Dragon, although the path of the Unicorn would be filled with joy and happiness, the path of the Dragon includes excitement and adventure.

Frau: Warum, warum, warum ist die Banana krum?
Ellisa: ICH WIESS NICHT, denn sie muss....?*

Goodbye, goodnight, and happy Thanksgiving to all.

*If you understood that, congratulations you are awesome. If you didn't, Schade!!!**
**Schade means too bad.

Friday, October 29, 2010

My life right now, no past nor future.

Thoughts and jottings:

If I was a Pokemon I would hope that someone would catch me so I could beat up other Pokemon and make my master proud. I am in a very violent mood lately. I just feel like punching people *fakes a punch and yells "Hiuken" <-Sound it out* But no, I actually don't want to inflict pain upon others. I just wanna sound tough and rugged! Haha, no not that either.

Have you noticed that lol looks like some one's head with there hands in the air? lol <-"Oh no!" Make sense now? No? *Punches in face* See I told you I was violent.

I am currently in the cast for the fall production at my high school. We are doing Midsummer Night's Dream, and some of the cast members and I made up a techno song. I would like to do a shout out to Mackenzie L. for making this possible. Here is the song Radiation's lyrics in rough draft form:

Radiation....radiation.....radiation.... It comes from the sun. Magnets, Radiation, Banana, microphone, radiation, football, triangle, radiation, tool box, radiation, toe nail, radiation, hair, school bus, microwave, radiation, dogs, the number 8, radiation, green pen, radiation, tread mill, snowman, lead, radiation, glasses, socks, radiation, TV screen, radiation, 2 by 4, ipod, radiation, couch, dress, Pokemon, radiation, elves, radiation, magic spells, oatmeal, wedding ring, radioactive, no!, radiation, mustang, radiation, figure paints, batman, ice cream truck, radiation, Singing in the Rain, radiation, turtles, mushrooms, peanut butter, radiation.....(Tanner) Dirty whore..... *every one stares in disgust* *CREDITS* (Tanner alone) radiation.

I hope that it will soon be made and put on youtube. But for now you have a sneak peak. I will discus the lyrics and see what we should add and take out.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Movies.

I have a movie to share with you that I made myself, with a little bit of help from my brother and his friend. It is kinda crappy, but it is pretty cute. Hope you like it! It's a claymation, actually a play-doh-mation, but you get the idea.

If you did like this video, or you are YouTubing sometime please feel free to look up "johnsonhousemovies" for more videos. It is an exciting thriller about a brother and sister trying to "bond", until weird and mysterious things start to happen in the wilderness. Check it out! it's pretty funny!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Poem.

A Poem with no name:

Tiny little toenails walk across my lawn.
One falls asleep, but the others just yawn.
I've grown weary of waiting, of listening too.
And decisions and revisions make my indecision's new.
When weird things happen I smile and nod.
And smile and nod and lie down in the sod.
The sod is wet, but I don't care.
I just laugh and let down my flowing hair.
Tomorrow is coming, exciting and new.
Another day I can spend with you.
The sun is going down and I must rest.
So I thank the Lord the beautiful pest.

To be continued...
Written by Bekkah and I.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pokemon, Twilight angst, and many other thrilling topics

It indeed has been a very long time since writing in my lovely blog of mine. Sorry to anyone that reads it. I have been having troubles with logging on, with my password and such. I'm probably boring you so I will start with topic one.

Pokemon, a slight (by slight I actually mean huge) obsession that I have developed. I watch the shows on (URL could very) and I play the game on my DSI. Pokemon is a great invention. You have these cute creatures that battle and become amazingly powerful, but not just battling and earning badges from gym leaders, it is also caring and befriending the pokemon you have caught or traded. The shows have lesson that could be valuable for kids. Ash and his friends look out for their Pokemon and each other and strive to meet their goals. There are also many defaults in the shows like jealousy, and hurting others Pokemon with your own. Sometimes you can't "be the best there ever was." but, you can learn from you mistakes and become a better person, and a better Pokemon master.

Topic two.

I'm sure you have heard of the famous Twilight Saga before. Well, if you like Twilight I suggest you either read this knowing that it may certainly make you mad, or skip this paragraph and move on to topic three. If you are like me and you think that Twilight is absurd, boring, and/or very poorly written please keep reading. Twilight is about Bella falling in love with a vampire. Is there anything in that that teaches kids to be a better person, or a lesson of any sort? No, of coarse not, Twilight is for love crazed teenagers. If you go on youtube and look up reasons to hate Twilight, they are mostly very educated answers. If a boyfriends says they would literally "die" with out you, that is scary and not good , not romantic and sweet. If a boyfriends watches you though you window, that is being a stocker, not cute because he likes to watch you sleep. Yes, I have read the books and yes I like it at first. Then, I realised that it is actually quite ridiculous. All of this is strictly my opinion and I am free to share it.

Topic three.

Who would win in a fight Ninjas or Pirates?

Topic four.

I will be a sophomore....that is a scary thought. It seemed like yesterday that I was a little kid playing "ponies" on the elementary school playground. I hate how time goes by so fast. In two years I will be planing to go to college! That is very scary! I can't seem my self in 10th grade. I think it might be better to go to 9th grade again.

Topic Five.

I think I feel like watching Bill Nye the Science Guy today. He makes learning fun! :) I remember when we would watch Bill in school and all the kids would love it. It is most certainly more fun than any other learning show.

Topic Six

I've had fun, writing my thoughts and feelings for the day, but I must move on. I will write more often! ttfn.